Conservation in Consideration of the Environment

We are working to ensure effective use of limited resources by steadily reducing environmental loads. In response to unreliable electrical power supplies resulting from the nuclear incident, we have launched "Project 60: Our initiative to reduce power consumption by 40%." "Rakuten Smart Green Projexct: Our initiative to reduce power consumption by 20%." In addition to efforts made in the area of electric power, we have also taken up the "Eco Operation" challenge involving a series of corporate activities aimed at reducing wastage. We will promote these activities from the perspectives of preventing global warming, and of protecting the environment.

August 07, 2013

ECO Operation: Neighborhood cleanup around Shinagawa People’s Park

 On June 22, Rakuten employees conducted a neighborhood cleanup in the area surrounding Shinagawa People’s Park. For parents whose children’s summer vacation is right around the corner, we hope this report will give you and your children the opportunity to think more about the community in which you live.

 Volunteers from the Rakuten Group spent the pleasant summer day cleaning up rubbish in the Shinagawa Seaside neighborhood, where Rakuten’s company headquarters are located. The effort was part of a community beautification campaign Rakuten has been conducting since the end of 2007. This event marked the 11th activity so far.

 Volunteers worked together in groups; groups were composed of volunteers from different businesses and occupations who do not normally have the opportunity to interact with one another. Additionally, many employee family members also came out to participate. It was quite heartwarming to see kindergarteners and elementary school students helping clean up the community with their parents.

 Lately, these cleanups have begun to show an international flavor as well. One could here English and other languages spoken during the lively event.

 Nearly 100 people showed up to help, and the volunteers who planned and prepared for the even were pleased with the turnout. After the cleanup ended a barbeque was held inside the park, and volunteers were able to continue to get to know one another.

 Neighborhood Cleanup Goals:

l  Clean up Shinagawa, the Tokyo ward in which Rakuten Tower is located

l  Increase knowledge of the area around Shinagawa ward

l  Deepen participants environmental consciousness

 We will continue sponsoring activities that inspire employees to improve their own communities while giving them opportunity to interact with colleagues from different business


Rakuten CSR Eco Operation

 Rakuten CSR Eco Team: Neighborhood Cleanup Reports

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August 06, 2012


【Hawaiian Summer dinner menu starts in Rakuten Cafeteria】

Currently at the Rakuten cafeteria, we are conducting the “Hawaiian Summer Menu.”  This is part of our Hawaiian summer project.  

"The Rakuten Hawaiian Summer"

Rakuten is conducting the The “Rakuten Smart Green Project” to reduce energy saving of up to 20%.  In order to create a sustainable environment we need to save energy, but at the same time have fun doing it we have been conducting the “Rakuten Hawaiian Summer” where our employees dress casually to avoid the hot summer heat and have parties to remind ourselves of our activities.

At the cafeteria we are serving Hawaiian menus to remind ourselves to finish work early and have a nice Hawaiian dinner at the cafeteria.  This collaboration with the cafeteria started on July 24th.

On this day our menu was “Fried Chicken with sweet Hawaiian chili sauce” was gone in a second.  The first picture shows the menu on July 31st we had our Hawaiian noodle, which is an original menu by Seiyo Foods.

The Hawaiian noodle which were made from the Vietnamise Pho and the soup was Japanese style soy sauce, for toppings we had spam, sunny side up egg and “Kanikama”(imitated crab), fried tofu and naganegi onion.  A very interesting combination but once you taste it, you’ll definetely enjoy it!

Can’t wait for our next Hawaiian menu!  The hot days are still left, but please take care everyone.

By Kayoko

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